Welcome to the first beginner guitar lesson. The main point of this course is to teach you how to play the guitar as an absolute beginner who may never have held a guitar before. It contains a lot of video lessons to help you along the way.

To play the guitar you need to adopt a comfortable playing position in order to avoid straining your back too much. Having a good position is also important for your fretting hand, as well as the way you hold the pick.

Allright - it's time to actually play something on the guitar, right? Below you will find your first chords, that i have chosen to be DC & G. You should already know how to the read the chord diagrams...

This lesson goes through:

  • ​Basic warm up exercises
  • Basic beginner strumming patterns
  • An easy catch song - Sweet Home Alabama

Now we're going to continue to expand our chord repertoir with these new chords. Be sure to watch the video and get som pointers on how to fret them. In case you missed it before, be sure to look at my collection of important beginner guitar chords, it may save you a lot of frustration trying to look up the most important chords to know.

Fingerpicking or fingerstyle guitar (= same thing) simply mean that you use your fingers to pluck the strings of a given chord. It is a skill which should be learned early on, and in this lesson I will introduce you to the most basic pattern of fingerpicking.