Welcome to the first beginner guitar lesson. My name is Marcus and my goal with making this free course is to teach you how to play the guitar as an absolute beginner who may never have held a guitar before. It contains a lot of video lessons to help you along the way - all great and free!

This course is also for players who maybe learned a bit before, but want to get the basics right reinforce their guitar playing skills. You may use the outline and summaries  on the lessons page to pick the lessons you find relevant for you, or simply skim through all lessons and see what you missed! There's tons of good stuff here, so don't miss out =). Please watch the video to meet me and get an encouraging introduction.

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Summary of the course

Like I said the main purpose of this site is to give a good foundation for guitar playing. This includes a good chord collection, basic scale knowledge, guitar techniques such as rhythm strumming patterns and fingerstyle guitarBar chords are a very important part that I teach in the last lessons of the course. Finally I teach the concept of the CAGED system that will help you to diversify your guitar playing and pave the way for learning scales and solo guitar later on.

My lessons are supplemented with video lessons, tabs, diagrams and music files to help you to learn better. 

To keep it interesting I integrate the course with my Guitar Songbook, a collection of great guitar songs. All the songs that I link to here in the course have instructional videos, so as to optimize your learning. If you ever feel like any song is too difficult in any lesson, you may simply try to play it later when you have increased your skills further.

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Good guitar books for beginners

The Internet is a great resource for guitar learning, but having more information is never wrong. I therefore strongly encourage you to get at least a chord book, a songbook (with other songs that are in my songbook of course;)), maybe even a separate learning book (any book will nicely complement my website, however my website suffices more than enough for the beginner guitarist).

Don't get discouraged

There are many great guitar players out there... AMAZING guitar players really. It doesn't mean that you cannot contribute to the musical world, however basic your playing is. Music is art, music is culture, and learning an instrument is keeping the culture alive. There will always (really, trust me on this one), be people that will enjoy what you play. You can always make someone smile. No matter your skill, being able to make someone else smile to what you play should be enough for you to make it feel worthwhile. 

So, don't get discouraged if you see guitar virtuosos playing mad stuff on the guitar. They are expressing themselves in their best way - and so should you! Not everyone can play as fast as Joe Satriani, but everyone (if you don't have any disabilities) can play some basic songs with ther friends and have a good time. Trust me on this one =).

Let's learn how to play the guitar

Now we're going to get down to business and learn how to play the guitarBefore you move on to lesson number 2, however, make sure you go through these guides in order to learn what a guitar is made out of and how to tune it.

The parts of the guitar
Buying a guitar - general advice
How to tune the guitar

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