It is important that you learn the guitar parts, otherwise you will not understand some of the things that I talk about in the guides and the course, such as “fret” or “neck”.

This guide goes through

  • what type of guitar you will need to go through the lessons
  • my advice regarding guitar purchase
  • pointers when buying a second-hand guitar

  • how to use a tuner
  • how to tune one string by already having a known correct note
  • how to tune the rest of the guitar strings after the tuned string

Purpose of the guide

  • to explain how tablature and general chord diagrams work

What is a capo?

A capo is a special type of clip which is fitted onto a desired fret on the guitar in order to easily switch between keys when accompanying a singer. It can also be used to play...

In this guide I will show you the most common guitar techniques and how they are depicted in tablature. Please see the video below...